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Always here to confide in

Share anything

Sometimes we don't know how to share and could use some help getting started.

Ask any question

Many questions are never asked, get yours answered. 

Receive Advice

Godly counsel to help you bring your heart to God and those around you.

Completely Confidential

Rest assured knowing your conversation are private and secure.

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Always here to pray with you

Guidance when you need it

Sometimes we don't know where to begin to pray, get help with short prompts to jumpstart your conversation with God.

Reminders for important topics

Never forget to pray about what matters most. We'll identify important moments and ask you about them to help you keep them top of mind in your conversations with God.

Discover new topics

Cultivate depth further your prayer life by having new areas of your heart brought before God.

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Always here to read with you

Listen to God’s word

Pick a bible reader that’s most comfortable to you.

Listen to expert's insight

Listen and read commentary on every book, chapter, passage, and verse.

Dwell on God's word with scripture playlists

Listen through themes, stories, and topics with curated playlists.

Capture your thoughts 

Highlight, journal, and add notes as you read.

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